Technologies for automated trading

We offer modern equipment for automated trading that:

  • Increases the speed of service
  • Operates without staff
  • Reduces prime cost of drinks
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Develop your technological business with our innovative equipment

Multi beverage

    Our own development – a machine that pours a variety of drinks through 1 dispensing point – coffee, filter coffee, tea, lemonades, water.

    This development:

  • Optimises workspace;
  • Reduces filling time of the drink;
  • Perfect fit for HoReCa, fast food restaurants, gas stations and retailers.

Capsules with beverages

    Universal capsule for 150 cups of coffee or tea:

  • Reduces the cost of the drink by up to 20%;
  • Increases filling speed by a factor of 10;
  • Increases drink quality from 10 Bar to 25 Bar.
    Optionally, these capsules can contain more drinks.

Smart ovens

    These ovens make it possible to sell full meals anywhere without staff

  • Allow to prepare frozen semi-finished products to finished quality product;
  • Integrate with the cash register system;
  • Allow to increase the shelf life of products from 3 days to 6 months.

Robotic kiosks

    Attract attention with modern outlets with robo-arms

  • Make any kind of drink in 1 minute;
  • Produce WOW-effect;
  • Fully automated, including the dispensing of cups, syrups and stirring sticks.

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