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Market trends

The market of automated trade is growing on average by
6,7% a year.

According to forecasts by consulting company Allied Market, the automated trading market will be valued at $25,25 billion in the next 5 years.

The problem of automated trade

99% of the world’s vending industry has an outdated equipment fleet and a complete lack of IT components.
It is these aspects that we are going to digitalise.

Скачай карту и получай кофе за 60 рублей

Our solution

We offer the market a unique IT product based on the SAAS model.
And we are also developing our own franchise chain of smart vending, on which we practice and improve our IT solution.
This way we monetise and maintain our own brand and also know exactly what the market needs 😉
☝️By the way, we also make the equipment ourselves.
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Our coffee shops

Offer to consider our company for investment

  • Extensive experience in building large IT projects
  • Successful deals with global lead investors
  • Excellent coordinated and professional team that has been together for more than 10 years
  • And the most important is a great market trend – what else do you need for a good investment?
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About our coffee shops

The product concept is a powerful IT platform + premium coffee quality.
The coffee shop works without employees, in the customer self-service mode, which is especially important nowadays.

There are three coffee shop formats:

  • Just coffee – a standard digital coffee shop
  • Coffee and delicious food – the coffee shop is connected to a refrigerator for food
  • Coffee plus – the coffee shop is adapted to the ecosystem of the location. For example, a coffee shop and a post office, a coffee shop and a reception, a coffee shop and a micromarket

Video presentation of the mini coffee shop